• Book-like Nintendo DS to get, you guessed it, books

    Turn the Nintendo DS sideways and then open it. It’s like a book! ROFL!!! They should totally make it so you could read books on it, but they should only make 100 books available at first and it should only be available in Britain– like so. Read More

  • Nintendo DSi: More than 500,000 sold in just one month

    Flickr’d Nintendo’s printing factory continues unabated! More than 500,000 DSi’s were sold last month in Japan, its first month of availability (the DSi won’t come out in North America or Europe till the first half of 2009), which suggests that gamers there are still enamored with the device. The exact number of DSi’s sold was 535,379, from November 1 to… Read More

  • DS/DSi incompatibilities? Inconceivable, says Nintendo

    A DS developer, who shall remain nameless, has encountered an issue that seems odd to them. A game they are developing on works flawlessly on their DS test hardware, but crashes regularly on DSi hardware. B-but, Nintendo said “All DS titles are compatible with DSi, with the exception of those that require use of the GBA slot”! Yes, and they’re sticking to that. Read More

  • Oh, so that's how Wii-DS play works in new Final Fantasy

    Square Enix’s upcoming Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time employs quite a little gimmick: simultaneous Wii and DS play. That is, while you’re playing the DS version, you can pal up with your friend who’s playing the Wii version. This strange mestiçagem works by essentially “porting” the DS version to the Wii, which then translates the DS… Read More

  • DSi and DS Lite will ‘coexist’ (at least initially)

    More and more info is trickling out relating to Nintendo of America’s plans for the just-announced DSi. One of the bigger nuggets of information to come out of Wired’s interview with NOA’s Cammie Dunway (you may remember her from the company’s so-so E3 press conference) is that, as it stands right now, the DS Lite and DSi will “coexist.” That is to say… Read More

  • Xbox 360 sales beat out PS3 in Japan for the first time, Nintendo still kicking ass

    September was a monumental month for Microsoft in Japan. The Xbox 360 console sold 53,547 units to Sony’s 33,071 units sold. But Nintendo’s Wii sales practically doubled that of the 360 with 109,548 units sold. The boost in sales for the 360 had a lot to do with the recent price cut and the launch of Square Enix’s Infinite Undiscovery, says Reuters. The now outdated DS… Read More

  • Videos: Nintendo DSi, new games for Wii, DS

    [blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/ih_Qzj+J5FQ%5D I’ve ganked ’em straight from the source just so you don’t have to guess which button it is that takes you to the good stuff. The new DS stuff looks fun, of course, but the Wii lineup is looking hot as hell. Punch-Out looks filthy, space exploration game looks awesome, whatever Tales game that is looks phantastic, and I’m… Read More

  • Pics of new, raw DS screens?

    Another report from a Japanese source shows, well, a pair of screens. What matters is that these screens seem to be about DS-sized, and after this weekend’s “new DS” rumor and Nintendo’s non-refutation, there’s a good chance that these may actually be the real thing. Notice that the bottom screen has a different type of ribbon coming out of it. So, to… Read More

  • Rumor: new DS to feature camera, music playback, SD slot?

    I don’t know, Scoob. Seems kind of fishy to me! But after seeing Wii Music, I’m beginning to think that all this time at the top has left Nintendo a little, shall we say, oxygen-deprived. The rumor comes from a scanned Nikkei newspaper article over at the NeoGAF forums. If anyone reads Japanese, feel free to confirm what it says by checking the images after the link, but click… Read More

  • The new GTA is the old GTA

    Ah, the circle is completed. The GTA that we knew and fell in love with back in the ’90s is making a comeback in spirit with GTA: Chinatown Wars on the DS. Yes, the cel-shaded look is trendy but the isometric viewpoint and map/minigame screen are very suited to the DS (more natural than the Wii, apparently). Somehow I doubt it will have the same level of ultraviolence that GTA and GTA… Read More

  • Daft Punk + Nintendo DS + More = Musical magic

    If you’re a fan of the Nintendo DS, Daft Punk, synthesizers, papier mache, Adobe After Effects, and the theremin, then boy oh boy do I have a video for you. Here’s a guy doing a cover of Daft Punk’s Something About Us using a Nintendo DS and a bunch of that other stuff I just mentioned. The helmet he’s wearing, interestingly enough, weighs about a pound and is made… Read More