• Guy hacks Nintendo DS to work with his DSLR

    Wow, this is a pretty cool setup right here. A professional photographer was sick of lugging his laptop around to photo shoots, so he rigged up his Nintendo DS and custom-coded some software to do the heavy lifting instead. He even leveraged the microphone on the DS to make his camera snap photos when triggered by sound. It also does other stuff that I don’t understand like providing… Read More

  • Rumor: New Nintendo DS coming early 2009

    Won’t these silly DS rumors end anytime soon? They just might now that IGN seems to have the scoop on the upcoming dual touchscreen DS that’s said to be coming out in April or May of 2009. But it’s unclear whether this will be a complete hardware overhaul or an upgrade to the existing hardware. Furthermore, IGN is claiming that the new DS will have widescreen aspect ratios… Read More

  • Nintendo DS gets Metallic Silver option

    Remember way back when the Nintendo DS launched; the original, not the Lite. ‘member what color it was? Yeah, silver, and now the same metallic silver is making a come back on the DS Lite. So if your Polar White model is getting a bit grimy, you can pick up the new color after September 7. Read More

  • Should we expect Wii sales to decrease any time soon?

    This month’s NPD numbers don’t officially come out until Thursday, but a single note written by Lazard Capital’s Colin Sebastian has prompted all sorts of knee-jerk reactions. Lazard says it’s possible that the Wii could see a decline in sales for the month of July. Now, that’s not necessarily because demand has gone down, but could merely be a function of… Read More

  • Rumor: Nintendo ready to launch DS successor by year's end

    According to Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter, Nintendo has a handheld gaming device in the works ready for launch by year’s end. “We think that the timing of a new product introduction will depend upon the sales profile for the DS, and believe that lower than expected DS hardware sales could trigger an earlier launch for the new device,” Pachter said in an… Read More

  • Duke Nukem trilogy coming to handheld platforms

    Ah, Duke Nukem. You bring me back to a simpler time. A time when you and Commander Keen were my two best digitally-rendered friends. You two, along with what’s-his-name from Wolfenstein 3D. According to Spong, Apogee Software is currently working on the Duke Nukem Trilogy, a trio of Duke Nukem-based games for the Nintendo DS and Sony PlayStation Portable. The games will be available… Read More

  • Japanese companies start anime and manga download service for the Nintendo DS

    Japanese interactive content providers am3 [JP] and DaiNippon Printing started DSvision [JP] today, a fee-based service bringing anime and manga to owners of the Nintendo DS. DSvision was announced last year but pushed back a couple of times since then. DSvision requires a hardware package for $38, which includes a 512mb microSD card, a DSvision card adapter for connection to the DS and a… Read More

  • Snapped: Old-school Game Boy spotted in non-ironic action

    If Indiana Jones can come back, why not the first real handheld console? It’s a Game Boy, on a train to Philly, but it’s not one of the Game Boy Advances or even one of the ones that came after that, it’s just a Game Boy. Green screen, janky volume knob, and two hour, AA-battery-eating life. You can have your Guitar Hero for DS, or even your iPhone as a game platform. In… Read More

  • Guitar Hero: On Tour DS Lite bundle revealed

    Set to launch June 22 is Activision’s DS Lite version of their popular Guitar Hero series. I’m a big fan of the game, but like I said in a previous GHOT post, I’m not at all impressed by this version. At least there’s a special edition silver and black DS. The bundle will retail for $180. via 1up Read More

  • BAPE, Nintendo gold DS Lite for sale

    Who knew BAPE was struggling this bad in Japan. The once iconic label has seen its popularity dwindle in its homeland and apparently the only way to get kids back in stores is to release these special edition DS Lites with Milo plastered all over it. Whatever works, I guess. The white version sold like hot cakes smothered in crack and it appears that the gold edition is available for sale. So… Read More

  • Viva Pinata could bring together DS, XBox 360 gamers

    Mr. Miyamoto, tear down this wall! DS and 360 gamers may soon be united by their hatred of Viva Pinata: Trouble In Paradise, a game that simulates brain death. The game uses the 360’s camera to track and decode trading cards. These cards can also appear on devices like Zunes, cellphones, iPods and… DSes. MTV is positing that the upcoming Viva Pinata title for the DS may include… Read More

  • 'Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff' coming this fall on Nintendo DS

    Tecmo Bowl! It’s coming to the Nintendo DS sometime this fall. EA has a lock on NFL licensing until 2012, so the teams and players in “Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff,” as it’ll be called, will likely have names like the Las Vegas Legends and the New York T-Bones or what have you. Details are scant, except for the gorgeous logo shown above. Ars Technica reports that… … Read More

  • CrunchArcade: No Wii, DS price cut, says Nintendo

    Those of you without a Wii or DS, don’t expect a price cut on either any time soon. Nintendo, which doubled its operating profit this past fiscal year, says it has no plans to lower the price of either system any time soon. And why would they? If people keep buying them at the current price—the Wii is still hard to find—what sense does it make to lower the price? Unlike… Read More

  • Nintendo Fan Network now free for Mariners' fans

    I’m sitting in the Virgin America gate at JFK waiting for my flight to Seattle and I come across this tidbit of news. I’m both stoked and bummed at the same time. I’m stoked because this is a pretty rad deal for Mariner’s fans and I grew up rooting for them, which explains my hatred for the Yankees, but I’m bummed because I forgot my DS at home. If… Read More

  • Enterbrain says President is on crack, denies anything about a new DS

    Nintendo put the kibosh on the rumor of a new DS at E3 after Enterbrain’s president supposedly told Bloomberg that there would be one. Now Enterbrain has issued a statement saying that Hirokazu Hamamura never said any such thing. “No such statement or announcement was made by the president,” the company said.
    “He did not, however, make a comment about the possibility of… Read More

  • No new DS at E3, says Nintendo Japan

    A few days ago I reported that Enterbrain’s publisher Hamamura was predicting that Nintendo would reveal a new DS at E3. Nintendo Japan is now clearing up the situation altogether instead of giving the typical “we don’t comment on rumors blah blah blah.” Nintendo Japan’s head of PR said, “We cannot comment on the specifics of what will be announced at E3, but… Read More

  • Rumor: Nintendo unveiling new DS at E3

    The current Nintendo DS rumor going around according to Enterbrain publisher Hirokazu Hamamura is that a Nintendo will announce a new DS at this year’s E3. It was, however, unclear in the Bloomberg report whether or not it would be completely new hardware or a simple redesign. We’ll find out in mid-July. Read More

  • Ninja Gaiden for DS shuriken make people excited

    I’ll start off by half-apologizing for that headline but these Ninja Gaiden games don’t come out all that often so I gotta strike while the iron’s hot. Anyhoo, ‘Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword’ is out today and it’s gotten some pretty good reviews from the big gaming sites. The gameplay features a top-down isometric view of the action along with stylus-heavy… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Guitar Hero: On Tour priced and dated

    Activision/RedOctane’s hottest new addition to the Guitar Hero franchise will ship June 22 for a mere $50. That’s right, Guitar Hero: On Tour for Nintendo’s DS is now up for pre-order from Amazon so get it now! Read More

  • This is it: Guitar Hero for DS controller unveiled [Now with video]

    http://www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?umid=191059 We’ve heard much romormongering about the Guitar Hero for DS controller, and now here it is. It’s, well, minimalist, comparatively speaking. It’s much like the Guitar Hero fretboard we have now, with the strum action taking place on the touch screen, which is cleaver, but this still looks unwieldely. I preferred the… Read More

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