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Apple ditching DRM? 3G iTunes downloads?

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/itunes.jpg" /> Looks like the gods at Apple have been listening. People have long complained about Apple's DRM protection on music avail

DRM-free music for 29 cents per track, 12 hours only

Hot damn. Grooveshark, the up-and-coming digital music service reported on CrunchGear here, TechCrunch here, and done up as a screencast here, is going to be selling DRM-free music tracks for 29 cents

Microsoft to offer DRM-free music this November

Microsoft is planning a revamp of the Zune Marketplace this November which will include about a million DRM-free music tracks out of it’s 3-million track catalogue. That’s a good sign beca

The AudioFile: Handcuffing Digital Music

Copy protection is leaking out of the digital music industry like water from a cracked snow-globe. The latest developments continue to point toward a DRM-free future in which you’ll buy music fr

DRM-free Music Sales "Good" for EMI

Sales numbers are coming in a few weeks after EMI’s foray into DRM-free music. The result? “Good”, says EMI senior VP Lauren Berkowitz. In fact, sales for several artists have increa

The Dirty Little Secret of iTunes DRM-Free

OK, OK, this isn’t really a big shocker, but it’s worth a mention for those of you have not yet considered it. Although iTunes is now offering DRM-free music, that doesn’t mean you c

Peter Gabriel Offers DRM Free Music on We7

Former Genesis frontman Peter Gabriel partnered up with MediaGraft to launch a new music service on Sunday offering music downloads that are free of DRM and cost you nothing. Free music that’s free

Amazon Gunning for iTunes' Non-DRM-ness?

It’s appearing as if 2007 might be marked as the year DRM died. We all know that Apple has started selling DRM-free tracks on iTunes, and now we’re getting reports that Amazon is looking t