dr. who

  • This DIY Mini-Tardis Is Bigger On The Inside

    If you’ve watched and enjoyed the program known as “The Good Doctor Who” in which an alien of some sort who flies around with his little, knobby robotic buddy (I’m not entirely clear on the details), you’ll be pleased to note that one fan, our own former employee Greg Kumparak, has built a real Tardis police box which, using some digital trickery, is really bigger… Read More

  • Doctor Who Is Calling?

    During its heyday in the 1960s the UK was bombarded with all sorts of products related to the cult science fiction series Doctor Who. With a successful new series going strong – a third season is about to start next week – it is no wonder that a mini-wave of product tie-ins is being released. The latest include Doctor Who Phone Charms, which feature a miniature Tardis (forever stuck… Read More