This DIY Mini-Tardis Is Bigger On The Inside


If you’ve watched and enjoyed the program known as “The Good Doctor Who” in which an alien of some sort who flies around with his little, knobby robotic buddy (I’m not entirely clear on the details), you’ll be pleased to note that one fan, our own former employee Greg Kumparak, has built a real Tardis police box which, using some digital trickery, is really bigger on the inside.

Greg built his little Tardis around Thanksgiving and added a little light on top. Because he’s a Dr. Who fan, he found his device to be lacking in realism. He then programmed a 3D model of the inside of the Tardis – it looks like the inside of the Teletubby house – and added an augmented-reality element to make the room inside appear when you held up your smartphone. Bang: instant Tardis.

Greg quit working with us so he could start building things and this is one of his coolest little creations. I’m not a huge Dr. Who fan, but anyone who has enough love and intensity to build a cute little model and make it all the cooler is a good guy in my book. Now he just needs to make the Millennium Falcon from Star Trek.