How quickly will you shoot past Time Warner's 40GB bandwidth cap?

How quickly would you reach Time Warner’s 40GB data cap? I’d be finished in like a week. No lie. By now you’re probably well aware of Time Warner’s scheme to charge you by the

You are a thief. How does that make you feel?

The big record labels are getting brazen. Really brazen. Today marks the opening of the first trial between the RIAA and a person it says illegally downloaded music. The problem for the RIAA is this p

TimeWarner's Road Runner Service Couldn't Possibly Be Worse

OK, I’ll come right out and say it: TimeWarner’s Road Runner broadband Internet connection is the worst I have ever used. Here I’m paying around $100 each and every month for cable T

Yarrr: Franz Ferdinand Tells Fans To Pirate Away

Thumbs up to Franz Ferdinand. If every band in the world felt the same way that singer/guitarist Alex Kapranos does, the world might be a slightly better place (musically). When asked about illegally

Comcast CEO Shows Off Dreamy Looks, Insanely Fast Modem

In my experiences with ISPs, I’ve always found Comcast to be significantly better than Verizon. Now Comcast’s CEO and Prez Brian Roberts is really sticking it to the big V. Yesterday, he s

Comcast Boots Off Its Users For Downloading Too Much

Comcast is threatening to cut off Internet access to so-called bandwidth hogs, only they’re not exactly specifying what constitutes bandwidth “hogging.” (If you can decipher what dow

Netflix Downloads: Om Chimes In

streaming shenanigans with some pretty intriguing insights. It seems we may have jumped the gun a bit in our immediate praise of the service. Aside from the equating it to the rabble of players who tr