Comcast Boots Off Its Users For Downloading Too Much


Comcast is threatening to cut off Internet access to so-called bandwidth hogs, only they’re not exactly specifying what constitutes bandwidth “hogging.” (If you can decipher what downloading “100 times the average national Comcast bandwidth usage” means you deserve a treat.) One banned user created a Weblog to vent his frustrations. His situation is even more upsetting because when he first called Comcast’s customer service to inquire about his crazy downloading ways, custom service had no idea what he was talking about.

Other companies aren’t as quick to kick off their users. Verizon, which is no friend to downloaders, doesn’t have any “set measurements” to determine if you’ve downloaded too much. Cox keeps its policy on its Web site and makes sure that users don’t negatively impact its network.

I wonder if that Azureus screenshot constitutes excessive downloading?

Comcast Cuts Off Bandwidth Hogs
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