• SAY Media Acquires Dogster (And Has More Acquisitions In The Works)

    Just six months after its creation, SAY Media is already going to the dogs: it’s acquired Dogster, a web community for dog-owners that draws around 2 million unique visitors a month. It’s a move that sounds confusing at first, but also brings some clarity to SAY Media’s mission. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. SAY Media was born last fall when popular advertising… Read More

  • Dogster And Catster Go To The Groomer, Come Out With Freshly Curated Fur

    When it comes to social sites on the Internet, Dogster and Catster have to be doing something right — they’ve been profitable for the past three years. But that doesn’t mean they should just sit back and not tweak the sites at all to offer a better user experience, and they know it. That’s why both sites have undergone a complete refresh. In what CEO Ted Rheingold… Read More

  • Dogster and ICanHazCheezburger Join Ad Forces

    Dogster has never been a Web 2.0 darling. At first glance a social network for pets isn’t the most innovative idea, and its audience is limited to the kinds of wackos who make name tags for their dogs at conferences or create elaborate fictional personalities for their cats. But with the benefit of hindsight, Dogster has done two things very, very right: It never raised venture funding… Read More

  • Skype Co-Founding Engineers Invest In Pet Social Network

    Ambient Sound Investments (ASI), the investment company established by the four co-founding engineers of Skype has invested $235,000 USD in United Dogs and Cats Ltd, an Estonian startup that offers localized social networking sites for lovers of dogs and cats. and offers traditional social networking tools such as blogs, profile pages and photo sharing to pet… Read More

  • TechCrunch40: Jeff Clavier Launches $12 Million Venture Fund

    Angel investor and startup advisor Jeff Clavier (pictured with Digg founder Kevin Rose) just announced a new $12 million early stage venture fund today at the TechCrunch40 conference. The new fund will be called SoftTech VC II. Clavier, who has a degree in computer science, has been actively investing in startups over the last few years and has had notable successes such as Truveo (acquired by… Read More

  • Why I Invested in Dogster

    Some readers may have noticed that Dogster, the social network for dogs (along with sister site Catster), closed a $1 million round of financing last week. See TechMeme to catch up on the discussion if you missed it. I was one of the investors in the round (and I’ve updated my disclosure statement to reflect that). A few people have asked me why I invested in this company. After all… Read More

  • Dogster Has Competition

    Dogster (and sister site Catster), which turned two last January, now has competition in the pet social network space from a newcomer – Massachusetts based PawSpot. The new company was founded by Mark Roberge. The PawSpot site is still in beta and there aren’t many users yet (Dogster has 260,000 pets and gains about 700 new pets per day). However, it’s also taking a much… Read More

  • Dogster Turns Two

    Dogster, led by founder and CEO Ted Rheingold, turned two years old yesterday. The company is located in San Francisco. Dogster is a home page site just for dogs. You can see the page for my dog, Laguna, here as an example. A key part of the site is social interaction among dogs, and Laguna has a number of “friends” that are linked on the page. Dogster also allows tagging of… Read More