• Windows 8.1 Launches Digitally October 17, Hits Store Shelves October 18

    Windows 8.1 Launches Digitally October 17, Hits Store Shelves October 18

    Microsoft is making its Windows 8.1 launch date official: mark October 18 on your calendars, you devotees of Ballmer and Redmond. That’s when the free update for Windows 8 users arrives in-store as boxed software, according to the official Microsoft Windows blog, and new hardware available in stores will have it installed on the 18th as well. If you’re shopping digitally, you… Read More

  • Keen On... Emily Bell on Journalism's New Paradigms

    Keen On… Emily Bell: Identifying The Massive Opportunities In Online Journalism [TCTV]

    Few people are better equipped to imagine the future of online journalism than Emily Bell. As Bell told me when we talked in her New York office, she believes that online journalism has a future – both in terms of content sitting behind paywalls, ad-supported news, and content subsidized by organizations or wealthy individuals. Read More

  • Newsweek Going All-Digital In 2013 Due To “The Challenging Economics Of Print Publishing And Distribution”

    Newsweek Going All-Digital In 2013 Due To “The Challenging Economics Of Print Publishing And Distribution”

    Newsweek, the U.S. weekly news magazine that’s been in publication since 1933, today announced it would be going all-digital beginning in early 2013. The last print version will be the December 31, 2012 edition, and the company will rename its publication “Newsweek Global” when it goes digital-only, targeted web and app delivery. Read More

  • New York Times Still Treading Water With Digital Subcriptions

    New York Times Still Treading Water With Digital Subcriptions

    How is the New York Times doing with the new digital paywall it put up last March? We found out a few details today when the New York Times announced second quarter earnings. All together, the New York Times counts a total of 1.1 million digital subscribers, but only 281,000 of those are currently paying (756,000 are existing print subscribers who get digital access with their existing… Read More

  • Yema YMHF0310 Digital Diver Watch Review

    Yema is a French brand that has been around for a while. Their contemporary pieces are masculine and affordable. They all feel like cartoon versions of activity watches given their size and friendly demeanor. I wanted to review this Ref. YMHF0310 Dive watch because it is a funny piece that I think will bring a lot of people joy. It isn’t perfect and has a few quirks, but is loveable… Read More

  • California license plates may go digital, turn into billboards

    Just when you think that there’s no way you could have any more distractions while driving, California comes up with yet another way to put billboards on the highways and streets. Of course, the state’s budget crisis is well known, and lawmakers are currently discussing the possibility of changing to digital license plates, and then allowing companies to buy advertising time on cars. Read More

  • Sony's Swarovski crystal-studded photo frames

    For some reason, Austrian luxury brand Swarovski loves cooperating with Japanese electronics makers. Now Sony has announced [JP] a total of six 7-inch digital photo frames for the Japanese market, two of which (the DPF-D75 (WZ) in white and the DPF-D75 (BQ) in black) were jointly designed with the Austrians. Read More

  • The sky is falling! Computer Shopper Magazine going all-digital

    Those of you that have been screaming that print is dead have another feather to put in your cap: venerable Computer Shopper Magazine will cease production of its printer version come April of this year. All future editions will be freely available online, supported by a variety of advertising and revenue streams. Computer Shopper’s plans for a free online edition are contrary to many… Read More

  • Digital transition 90 days away. Are you and your family ready?

    The Digital Transition is mere months away and still, many have questions and misconceptions about the February 17, 2009 switch. It can be confusing but your family is relying on you to get it right. Follow the link for some frequently asked questions and answers. Read More

  • Review: DTVPal digital tuner

    The February 17th, 2009 analog shutoff marks the beginning of the digital age here in America and digital tuners, such as the DTVPal, are going to become a staple in many American households. Thankfully, Congress allocated $140 million to alleviate the personal cost of these boxes, by allowing two, $40 coupons per household. This should cover most, if not all, of the retail price. The DTVPal… Read More

  • Wireless ATSC-equipped TVs coming from Epoq

    Now that the digital transition is just months away, and already happened in some parts, analog, handheld TVs are going to stop working. You know, the type of TVs you used to sneak into church overnighters and ‘hunting trips.’ Epoq is here to make sure that you can continue to see the game even if you’re in the middle of the lake ‘fishing’ with these three… Read More