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Google isn’t safe from Yahoo’s fate

Yahoo has been beaten up in the press for so long that it’s hard to remember how untouchable it once appeared. We’d like to think that Yahoo’s failure has made us wiser, less likely to repeat th

The rise of a new era in the monetization of digital content

Digital content is one of the most consumed “goods” in the online marketplace. However, buyers and sellers still can’t seem to agree on a fair price for these goods.

Four Fault Lines That Are Reshaping The Audio Landscape

Digital audio listening is in the midst of a historic transition from standalone usage through dedicated hardware and applications to embedded experiences -- something that will reshape the $65+ billi

U.K. Kids Increasingly Credulous Online, Finds Ofcom

While there has been high profile U.K. government backing for furnishing the nation's youth with digital skills in recent years, including a requirement in the English national curriculum to start tea

Nara Gets First Telco Customer As SingTel Tries To Fend Off Content Competition

<a target="_blank" href="">SingTel</a> has licensed <a target="_blank" href="">Nara Logics</a>' restaurant recommendation engine in a bid to give its Digital Li

Singapore’s SingTel Wants To Pump Another $1.6B Into Startup Investments

Singapore’s largest telecoms provider, SingTel, plans to set aside $1.6 billion (S$2 billion) over the next three years for startup acquisitions, it said in an earnings call (via ZDNet). It was

Aereo Actually Has A Shot At Beating The Broadcast Networks

If you aren't paying attention to <a href="">the unfolding Aereo case</a>, you should be. It will have industry-changing consequences --

Pew Shows 65% Of People Pay For Digital Content; Mostly Music, Software, And Mobile Apps

<img src=""> The Pew Internet organization put out results of a <a href="

CrunchDeals: Vudu rolls out 99 cent rental service