• Dice Wants To Be The First Gig Ticketing Giant That Music Fans Adore

    Dice Wants To Be The First Gig Ticketing Giant That Music Fans Adore

    UK music ticketing startup Dice, launching today in London on iOS and Android, is looking to tear up the traditional ticket buying process by ripping out booking fees and sending the middleman up in virtual smoke. The KLF would surely be proud. Read More

  • Job Site Dice Acquires Recruiting Startup getTalent

    Job Site Dice Acquires Recruiting Startup getTalent

    getTalent founder and CEO Abraham Shafi told me that his SuccessFactors-backed startup was just acquired by job site Dice. With getTalent, customers (who supposedly include Walmart, MTV, and Box) can add a plug-in to their job listings and career pages, allowing visitors to sign up for a “talent community,” where they’ll receive targeted content and listings. Recruiters can… Read More

  • Dice Better Than Any Dice You’ve Ever Owned Pass 10X Their Kickstarter Funding Goal In One Week

    Dice Better Than Any Dice You’ve Ever Owned Pass 10X Their Kickstarter Funding Goal In One Week

    Do you ever find yourself wondering how good your dice are? Because I do. Are they really random? Or do slight imperfections in their design favor one number over another? It’s impossible to know. Unless you have precision machined dice. And while you’re precision-machining some dice, why not make them in a variety of rare and exotic metals? Those are the questions Tuscon… Read More

  • Dice Says PC Gaming Isn't Dead, Battlefield 3 Will Fix The FPS Experience

    PC gamers—those who aren’t destroying the universe, at least—have at least one genuine PC game to look forward to this year, and that’s Battlefield 3. All of us here are pretty excited about, and we’re generally tough graders. Anyhow, Dice revealed the game at GDC this week, and they’ve rushed to the defense of PC gamers, saying that the “death of… Read More

  • Battlefield 3 DLC Maps Confirmed: Wake Island Returns

    Battlefield 3 doesn’t even have a release date yet, but EA has already started talking about DLC. Sigh. It’s a bit disappointing: so many of us here (well, me, Matt, and Devin) are genuinely looking forward to the game, and we’re already being teased with offers of almighty DLC. It’s so unsettling. Read More

  • Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam Phu Bai Valley Trailer

    EA just released a brand new trailer of their upcoming DLC for Bad Company 2. Looks sweet if you ask me and it will set you back 1200 MS. Onslaught, the last (and only) DLC for Bad Company 2 was not satisfactory and I do hope that this new download is not just a bunch of weapons and maps. The Multiplayer Expansion Pack will be available this winter. Read More

  • Dice Pays Up To $9 Million To Acquire Worldwideworker

    Dice Holdings, which provides specialized career websites for professional communities, has acquired the online and career events-related businesses of WorldwideWorker, a Dubai-based company active in recruitment for the energy industry. The purchase price consists of initial consideration of $6 million in cash. Upon achievement of certain operating and financial goals within the next two… Read More

  • Battlefield: Bad Company 2 sells many copies (plus bonus rant!)

    God almighty do I have a bone to pick with Battlefield: Bad Company 2, which I bought on release day like a mark. The game is doing quite well for EA, having already sold 2.3 million units (and projected to sell 4 million by the end of the year). So that’s ahead of expectations—it’s a hit, have a party. The thing that annoys me (and Matt, for that matter) is the… Read More

  • Battlefield 1943 hitting Xbox, PS3 next week, PC in September

    EA has finally dated Battlefield 1943 and it’s coming to the Xbox 360 Live Marketplace on July 8th with a PlayStation Network launch the following day. The critically acclaimed WWII title will cost $15 on PSN or 1200 MS Points and will only take up 560MB of space. A 24-player online battle royale? Count me in. PC gamers will have to wait until September, though. Hit the jump for the… Read More