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  • WiFi-only Dell Streak 7 Coming Soon

    All signs are pointing to a 3G-less Dell Streak. The device as recently certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance and then as if on cue, Amazon posts the pre-order product page. The retailer lists the new model for $379, which works out to be $70 less than the off-contract price of its older 3G counterpart and of course does not require any monthly cellular fees. But everything else is apparently the same. Read More

  • Dell Streak Tries Out Android 3.0 Honeycomb

    The Dell Streak was once rather long in the tooth when it seemed to have Android 1.6 forever. While the Streak is made up of some pretty good pieces, it tried to cover too much ground as both a phone and a tablet (5-inches is above the cutoff). Sadly, even with a decent price, the Streak never really made much sense, but that didn’t stop some from trying to take it to the next level. Read More

  • The Daily, Clicker, Dell Streak Tablet

    Fly Or Die: Can The Daily Make It?

    The big product launch this week was Rupert Murdoch’s new iPad publication, The Daily. On this episode of Fly or Die, CrunchGear editor John Biggs and I weigh in on its prospects for survival. We also discuss Clicker’s iPhone app and the Dell Streak 7 tablet, and we are joined by a surprise guest from one of the companies whose products we evaluate. While The Daily not exactly… Read More

  • Review: Dell Streak 7

    Short Version: Here we go again: another impressive 7-inch Android tablet with a Gorilla Glass screen, 4G networking, and a suave interface. But is this thing more of the same or something new? The tried-and-true 7-inch tablet is, by now, old hat. In fact, little about the Dell Streak 7 is new except the clear emphasis on media playback and T-Mobile’s 4G wireless. On the aggregate… Read More

  • Dell Streak drops to $100 at Best Buy

    For those with a love of jumbo phones, or 80% off sales, Best Buy have just dropped the price of the recently froyo-nated Dell Streak from $499.99 to a mere $99.99 (plus two years with AT&T). No matter which way you look at it, that’s a bargain*. It’s available in both the black and the white versions at this price, so no matter what your gadget-colour affiliation… Read More

  • The 5-inch Dell Streak's TV Commercial Leaves Out Something Big

    The Dell Streak is clever device, but with its 5-inch screen, a touch on the large size for a phone and a touch on the small size for tablet. Still, a good amount swear by it saying it’s the best of both — like this commercial. It cleverly shows all the usefulness that comes with the larger screen like games, navigation, Facebook, video capture — really everything — but… Read More

  • Use This Handy Infograph To Pick Out The Tablet For You

    Chances are you already have a tablet on your wish list whether it be the iPad, Galaxy Tab, or even the Dell Streak. But if you don’t, the infograph after the jump will help you figure out what fanboy club you need to join. Read More

  • O2 Now Beaming Android 2.1 To Awaiting Dell Streaks

    UK Streaks are about to get a little more awesome. O2 is now sending the neccessary bits for the Donut to Eclair upgrade to all the Dell Streaks on its network. Along with the increase in speed and reliability, 2.1 brings 720p video recording, pinch-to-zoom multitouch, multiple Exchange accounts, and various UI enhancements. But you should have already known that. Users have been rocking 2.1… Read More

  • The Dell Streak Gets Its Obligatory Teardown

    If you’ve ever wanted to know what was inside of a Dell Streak, have we got a web page for you. Our buddies at iFixIt ripped up the Dell Streak, revealing its sweet, sweet circuit boards and tiny camera. One interesting point: the LCD is bonded to the front glass which means you can’t replace just the LCD assembly. Weird. Read More

  • The Dell Streak's Android 2.1 Release Leaks, Seems To Bring Lots Of Improvements

    It seems the main reason people are sitting on the fence about the Dell Streak — that is if they’re into the large form factor — is the stock Android 1.6 release. Well, the Streak’s 2.1 release suddenly appeared over at Modaco’s Forums this morning and users seem to have nothing but good things to say about the release. Chief among them is the noticeable… Read More

  • The Dell Streak Shows The CE World How To Be Relevant In An iDevice World

    Someone at Dell deserves a raise. Actually, a bunch of people probably deserve a monetary reward for the Dell Streak as it takes many people to get a product to market. It’s the fact that the Dell Streak actually made off an engineer’s computer and to retail stores is something that should be celebrated. In an iPad and iPhone world, Dell threw out the mold and made something… Read More

  • Review: Dell Streak

    Short Version
    If Charlie the Unicorn has taught us anything it’s that the road to success is fraught with setbacks and, if you’re not careful, your best friends will cut out your kidneys. It is with these life-lessons in mind that we examine the Dell Streak, a 5-inch Android 1.6 tablet that shows much promise but is hobbled by Android OS fracturing. Read More

  • The Dell Streak: $299 with contract, $549 without

    The 5-inch Dell Streak is a curious little device. It’s clearly not for everyone, but even John Biggs is starting to enjoy the 5-inch device – and he’s a grumpy, burned-out gadget blogger. Anyway, Dell just went live with the pricing deets and they are kind of what we imagined. It will run $299 with a two-year AT&T contract and $549 without. If you sign up for a… Read More

  • Dell kicks off Streak pre-sale program for the US market

    Been itching for the 5-inch Dell Streak Android tablet/cell phone/slate thing? Me too, which makes me happy to pass along the word that the Streak’s pre-sale page is now up. No, you can’t order it yet, but you can put in your contact info to receive notification the second Dell’s ready to take your money. Signing up will also get your shipping upgraded to 2nd Business Day… Read More

  • Quick look at the Dell Streak

    The Dell Streak, the 5-inch tablet that won the hearts of the technorati last month, is coming to the US and we had a chance to play with it over the past few days. The Android-powered tablet is no iPad but a worthy entrant in the tablet olympics. Read More

  • The iPad Alternatives — The 'Where Are They Now' Edition

    The iPad is the king of tablets and might hold that title for years to come. However, there are a ton of alternatives that we’ve featured over the last few months, mostly in these two posts (1 & 2) detailing the top 14. But since I ran those posts, a lot has changed and while some managed to make it to the market, others were delayed or scrapped entirely. It’s sad, really. Read More

  • Apple Targets Searchers For 'Dell Streak', 'HP Slate' With Google Ads For The iPad

    Apple Targets Searchers For 'Dell Streak', 'HP Slate' With Google Ads For The iPad

    In a move that suggests a tad of insecurity on Apple’s behalf, the iPad maker is apparently buying Google AdWords ads targeting potential buyers of the Dell Streak, the Android-powered micro-tablet or netpad or whatever it is people cooler than me call the device. The screenshot above was taken after I did a search for ‘Dell Streak’ on (thanks for the tip, Tom… Read More

  • Here's the Dell Streak's US retail packaging (maybe)

    The Dell Streak is set to be released here in the states sometime soon — we hear the end of July. The 5-inch tablet/phone/EVO-eater will no doubt launch to a ton of criticism about it’s large stature and whatnot. Love it or hate it, this is what the retail packaging will likely look like. Think Jabra headset packaging, but with a very large touchscreen instead of a bluetooth… Read More

  • Photo set: The Dell Streak vs the HTC EVO 4G

    First off let me apologize for the photo quality. I only had a few short minutes to spend the Streak and it happened to be in a dark room that looked like Batman decorated it. So the photos aren’t the best, but this is just a taste. We’ll have a proper set soon. Anyway, I happened to have an EVO 4G with me and I must say that the Dell Streak makes it look like normal-sized phone. Read More

  • Dell's 7- and 10-inch tablets appear right on schedule

    It looks like Dell has been quietly toiling away at a whole family of tablets and not just the 5-inch Streak shown off post-CES 2010. There are 7- and 10-inch version in the works, too. It’s not actually a surprise per se as we doubt anyone really believed that Dell’s only tablet offering would be a small 5-inch guy. Read More