Photo set: The Dell Streak vs the HTC EVO 4G

First off let me apologize for the photo quality. I only had a few short minutes to spend the Streak and it happened to be in a dark room that looked like Batman decorated it. So the photos aren’t the best, but this is just a taste. We’ll have a proper set soon.

Anyway, I happened to have an EVO 4G with me and I must say that the Dell Streak makes it look like normal-sized phone. There is a large difference in the overall size even though the screen size is only .7-inches larger. It’s as thin as the Evo, but it still feels a bit too large to be a phone. However, that thought might be premature as it might be something you need to use to appreciate. The whole package feels solid, refined and wonderful. It’s clearly not for everyone given its large size, but a lot of people will probably love it.

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