How Kubernetes came to rule the world

Open source has become the de facto standard for building the software that underpins the complex infrastructure that runs everything from your favorite mobile apps to your company’s barely usab

Microsoft launches Draft to help developers build container-based applications

Microsoft today announced the launch of Draft, a new open-source tool that helps developers streamline the processes of developing container-based applications that are meant to run on Kubernetes clu

Microsoft acquires container platform Deis from Engine Yard

Microsoft today announced that it has acquired Deis, the company behind some of the most popular tools for building and managing applications on top of the Google-incubated Kubernetes container orches

Engine Yard’s Deis Launches Commercial Support For Its Docker-Based PaaS

Earlier this year, cloud orchestration platform Engine Yard acquired Deis, an open-source Platform-as-a-Service project. Engine Yard has long been known for its support service and starting today, th