Simplify debugging to reduce the complexity of embedded system development

Debugging embedded systems is more complex than ever as features keep getting added. Thankfully, there are some practical ways to simplify the process.

Rookout raises $16M Series B to scale its developer-first observability platform

Rookout, the Tel Aviv-based startup that describes itself as a “developer-first observability platform,” today announced that it has raised a $16 million Series B funding round led by Fort

The great stink in software pipelines

While contemporary software failures won't cause cholera outbreaks or emit the rancid smells of the past, they reek of devastation, rendering billions of dollars lost and millions of developer hours w

Lightrun raises $4M for its continuous debugging and observability platform

Lightrun, a Tel Aviv-based startup that makes it easier for developers to debug their production code, today announced that it has raised a $4 million seed round led by Glilot Capital Partners, with p

Rookout raises $4.2M for its rapid production debugging platform

Few people get into coding because they enjoy debugging, but since there’s no such thing as perfect code, issues inevitably pop up. Israeli startup Rookout is tackling one aspect of this by help

Backtrace, a debugging startup led by former AppNexus engineers, raises $5M

Debugging startup Backtrace I/O was launched to solve a real problem that its founders faced when they were engineers at adtech company AppNexus — at least according to Backtrace CEO and co-founder

Video: Smartphone Test Robot Simulates Countless Flicking And Tapping

<img src="" /> Tokyo-based Japan Novel Corp. is offering a robot that can simulate the process of flicking and tapping on a sm