David Cowan

  • Earlybird Hatches The Term “European Comeback”

    Earlybird Hatches The Term “European Comeback”

    I just couldn’t keep my big Tweeter shut. When I publicly dismissed the soundness of his widely hailed report on European VC, Jason Whitmire of Earlybird Venture Capital challenged me to openly discuss the facts in a dialogue exceeding 140 characters. So I guess I owe him a response. Based on the work of their summer intern, Jason and his partner Hendrik Brandis have published a… Read More

  • “I Want to Meet a Partner!"

    Over the years I’ve heard many legitimate gripes from entrepreneurs about the way venture capital firms treat them while fundraising. I must confess an imperfect record of courtesy myself, though I do try to be respectful, and to incorporate feedback. For example, I once resolved never to keep entrepreneurs waiting long for me in our lobby, and I think I live up to that. But I often hear… Read More

  • Colnect Is A No-Frills Collectibles Marketplace And Wiki. Someone Wake Up David Cowan!

    The granddaddy of all venture capital funds, The granddaddy of all venture capital funds, Bessemer Venture Partners, keeps a tally of the mega-successes it passed on in a list known as the Anti-Portfolio. In it, renowned VC David Cowan is attributed for passing up on eBay: “Stamps? Coins? Comic books? You’ve GOT to be kidding,” thought Cowan. “No-brainer… Read More