Daewoo unfurls a digital folding screen

The DID-FS Digital Folding Screen from Daewoo is a 4-panel room divider that integrates 4 separate LCD video displays. Each screen can be fed independently of the rest, so you can really go to town wi

Daewoo launches its own Classmate PC named Lukid

It seems that Korean supercompany Daewoo is launching a low-cost laptop named the Lukid. The new laptop is aimed at kids going to school. The little laptop is based on Intel’s Classmate PC, whic

Daewoo Unveils Its First Blu-ray Player

During IFA, Daewoo, maker of all things cheap and imported, announced it would be dipping its feet into the waters of the Blu-ray market with its first player, the DBP-1000. Sleek blue looks aside, th

Daewoo DPC-8099OD-I Is Really A Portable DVD/iPod Player

Despite the ridiculous model name for this thing, Daewoo’s latest portable DVD player looks like it packs all the right features into a small form factor. First and foremost, there’s a slo