Daewoo DPC-8099OD-I Is Really A Portable DVD/iPod Player

Despite the ridiculous model name for this thing, Daewoo’s latest portable DVD player looks like it packs all the right features into a small form factor. First and foremost, there’s a slot for an iPod next to where you insert the DVD, meaning you can watch videos from your iPod on the go should you run out of discs from Arrested Development, Season 2. There’s also support for VCD, CD, CD-R, MP3, JPG, and DivX video.

You’ll be watching all your comedy unfold on a generous 8-inch LCD, which is just the right size for a short trip to the beach or a plane ride. There’s a USB port and memory card reader in case you have media lying around you want to watch while on the run. Too bad no price or release date has been given yet. Keep it under $150 and I’d totally buy a portable DVD player with iPod support.

Daewoo’s portable DVD and iPod dock rocks DivX on 8-inch LCD [Engadget]