Trackvia Raises Series A for Point-And-Click Databases

Trackvia provides software as a service for transforming ordinary spreadsheets into versatile databases. The Colorado-based startup has raised its first major round of institutional funding, the amoun

Blist Prepares Easy Web-Based Database Application

I recently had the opportunity to see a demo of a product coming out in early 2008 called Blist (pronounced like “bliss” with a “t” at the end) that will take on DabbleDB and T

LongJump's Library Of Customizable Business Apps

We last wrote about LongJump back in June when their business application platform launched. Like Coghead, DabbleDB, Zoho Creator, WyaWorks, and SalesForce’s Force.com, LongJump lets programming

The Fascination With ToDo Lists Continues

The amount of energy web entrepreneurs put into creating the perfect online ToDo list is surprising. In May 2006 we ran through a boatload of them in a comparison post. After all that entrepreneurial

Dabble DB Launches and Announces Series A Round

Dabble DB, a Vancouver-based startup that has created an extremely useful and easy to use database application product, will announce a small (but undisclosed) series A round of financing on Tuesday.

DabbleDB Update: Demo Video Available

A week ago we reviewed a very cool application, DabbleDB (review here). They are still in private beta at the moment but there have been a lot of requests from people wishing to use the service. While

DabbleDB: Online App Building For Everyone

Every so often I get asked ‘what is the latest hot app’ and after using DabbleDB I have a new answer to that question. DabbleDB is a platform that allows you to create applications online using a