DabbleDB Update: Demo Video Available


A week ago we reviewed a very cool application, DabbleDB (review here). They are still in private beta at the moment but there have been a lot of requests from people wishing to use the service. While we weren’t able to convince the guys to let the flood of people in, but we were able to grab a screencast demo of their application. The demo video demonstrates what I saw while using the application, it is just this easy to use and this functional.

In just a few minutes, the video will show how you can start with simple, flat spreadsheet data, use Dabble DB to search and explore this data right away, then gradually evolve into a full conference-planning application (with drop-down lists, calendar views, relations, and more). While this demo shows that full app development can take place in only a few minutes, in practice it would usually happen organically over a period of time as the app editors further expand their apps.

DabbleDB Demo Video (7 minutes)