DARPA Is Using Oculus Rift To Build The ‘Mega Man Battle Network’ Of Cyberwarfare

In a surprising amount of futuristic visions of how hacking will work in the future, the experience is immersive, rather than something done hunched over a computer looking at lines of code scroll by.

Three Men Arrested For Attempting To Cut Undersea Internet Cable In Egypt

Egyptian authorities arrested three men off the coast of Alexandria for attempting to sever an undersea Internet cable. The SEA-ME-WE 4 main line was part of a cable network that spanned the Mediterra

U.S., U.K. Recognize Cyberland As A Legitimate Battlefield

<img src="" />As sad as it is to think about, cyberland gets more and more dangerous each year. Identity theft and random acts of hacker

Man, the U.S. had a crazy cyberwar plan against Iraq (that it didn't execute)

<img src="" />How great is this: in 2003, the Pentagon and intelligence agencies had a plan on the books to launch a cyberattack on Iraq

PCs used in cyberwar attack now beginning to self-destruct

<img src="" />Do you have North Korean Cyberwar Blues? The latest news is that, though the “attack” seems to be waning, the Evil D

Let's slow down with the scary-sounding cyberwar stuff

<img src="" />Matt Drudge is running two big stories right now: The Google Chrome OS, and the apparent cyberattack that took down a fe

U.S. government beginning to take cyberwarfare more seriously

<img src="" />We here at <i>Crunch</i> may use the Internet for fun little things, like Twitter or Spotify (I've tried the U.S. version

Russia grows up, learns how to wage cyberwarfare more effectively

Not a Russian hacker, just a filthy rich one There’s a reasonably interesting little story in Foreign Policy—I wear a big Napoleon hat when I post—about Russia’s cyber response

Russia Locked In Cyberwar With Estonia

In the first war of its kind, Russia has been attacking the small country of Estonia for several weeks now. The incident started after a bronze statue of a soviet soldier was removed from its memorial