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In a tech-saturated world, customer feedback is everything

I’ve found that the most valuable design tool in the 21st century is rather old-fashioned: customer feedback. Technology has produced huge breakthroughs in design. A product can be ideated, prototyp

Amazon, Netflix Top Customer Satisfaction This Holiday Season

<img src="" />2010 was a great year if your name was <a HREF="">Amazon</a> (whereas it was merel

Taliban Attacking Cell Towers in Afghanistan

In the last month, the Taliban in Afghanistan have been targeting cell phone towers. Around 10 towers have been attacked causing nearly $2 million in damage. Service providers have been forced to shut

And the winner of the 2007 smartphone customer satisfaction study is…

RIM! Does this come as a surprise to anyone? Check out the other categories after the jump.

Sprint Nextel in Last Place in Call Center Satisfaction

The motto in the logo may say “Sprint Ahead,” but not so fast there. Because as a former Sprint subscriber this news comes as no surprise, Sprint Nextel came in last place in call center satisfact