Amazon, Netflix Top Customer Satisfaction This Holiday Season

2010 was a great year if your name was Amazon (whereas it was merely an average year if your name was Roy Hodgson). The new Kindle seems to have done quite well for itself, and now there’s word that people were quite happy with Amazon during the holidays. A new report from ForeSee Results shows that Amazon earned itself an 86 (out of 100) in customer satisfaction this holiday season. That’s the top of the heap, mind you: it, along with Netflix, were the two most satisfying electronic retailers of the season.

Obviously you can read a chart, but the other retailers in the 80+ bracket were QVC, Avon, LL Bean, Newegg, and Apple.

Foresee Results says that customer satisfaction isn’t merely accrued by having the lowest prices around—though that certainly helps. People look for things like ease of use (your Web site had better be easy to navigate, etc.), information accuracy, and the actual merchandise available (“why don’t they have that item I need, aaaagh!”).

It should be noted that overall consumer satisfaction was down one percent from last year, but even that’s still an improvement over previous years.