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Super Bowl ads boosted crypto app downloads by 279%, led by Coinbase

Those Super Bowl ad spots paid off for a number of tech companies not just in terms of exposure, but also app installs, a new report indicates. But Coinbase’s viral ad — which just bounced

Here are the best and worst 2022 Super Bowl tech ads

What’s more illustrative of American capitalism than that day-after water cooler chat about the advertisements we saw during the Super Bowl? From food delivery apps to phones that were shockingl

Hey, look: It's Jerry Seinfeld using a Mac! Someone call Bill Gates or something!

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Video: Curb Your Enthusiam illustrates how hard it is to open a box in the year 2009

<img src="" />My sincerest apologies for not putting this on here sooner, but I've been busying Warsong Gulch. Anyhow, here we have o