• Cubeduel Now Back In Action, Says We Like Facebook Employees Best

    Last week, we reported that Cubeduel, the service that’s a hybrid of Hot or Not and LinkedIn, went offline due to some serious growing pains. Initially, it was unclear whether the site had gone down because its content was somehow inappropriate, or whether it had simply gone viral too quickly. LinkedIn Director of Communications Hani Durzy stepped in to say that Cubeduel had exceeded… Read More

  • Cubeduel Goes Viral Too Quickly, Stumbles Over LinkedIn API Limits

    Yesterday we ran a post about Cubeduel, a service that mixes the best (or worst) of Hot or Not with LinkedIn. Fire up the site and it will show you photos of two coworkers — pick the one you’d prefer to work with, and Cubeduel will present you with another pair of photos. It’s addictive, a bit evil, and has skyrocketed in usage over the last few days since it launched. Read More

  • Cubeduel: Hot Or Not Meets LinkedIn. Your Darker Side Will Love It.

    People sure do love judging their coworkers. And now it’s easier and more addictive than ever. Meet Cubeduel, a site that launched two days ago and is quickly making the rounds on Twitter. After landing on the site, you’ll be asked to connect with LinkedIn via OAuth. Next, you’ll be presented with photos of two of your former or current coworkers, prompting you to choose… Read More