Cubeduel Now Back In Action, Says We Like Facebook Employees Best

Last week, we reported that Cubeduel, the service that’s a hybrid of Hot or Not and LinkedIn, went offline due to some serious growing pains. Initially, it was unclear whether the site had gone down because its content was somehow inappropriate, or whether it had simply gone viral too quickly. LinkedIn Director of Communications Hani Durzy stepped in to say that Cubeduel had exceeded LinkedIn’s API limits and was shut down accordingly.

The question then became: would Cubeduel have to restructure its site or would LinkedIn generously increase its API limit to accommodate Cubeduel’s rapidly growing user base? Today, Cubeduel Co-Creator Tony Wright answered this question, informing us that LinkedIn had almost immediately stepped in on Cubeduel’s behalf, raising the API ceiling fivefold to allow for a greater flow of traffic.

Now that Cubeduel has had the opportunity to analyze some of its initial data, they’ve drawn a few interesting conclusions. Of course, these are to be taken with a grain of salt as the methodology is slightly unorthodox. After sifting through the numbers, we see that LinkedIn employees have voted over 21,000 times, Microsoft employees have voted over 50,000 times, and Google employees have voted over 36,000 times.

While it appears that Microsoft is the most eager user of Cubeduel, it may be for this very reason that they are losing the recruiting war to Facebook. Yes, after crunching more than 100,000 Cubeduel votes (from a number of big tech companies), the proof has entered the pudding: current and former Facebook employees were voted up 10 percent more frequently than employees of any other company. So, there’s the sad, naked truth. We really just can’t get enough of Facebook — at home or at work.