cruce wayne

Digital Life 2007: The Man (Kid, Really) Behind The 'Cruce Wayne' Moniker

Cruce Wayne rules Like Vince said, he and I picked a random kid at the end of the Digital Life entrance line today, hooked him up with a press badge and took him around the show floor. A journalist fo

Digital Life Cruceified: Lord of the Rings Online

As Cruce Wayne and I went around the showroom, I asked what kind of tech he was into. Video games seemed to be Cruce’s forte, so we made our way over to Lord of the Rings Online and got a little

Someone Please Tell John Biggs He Has The Wrong Press Credentials

We totally laughed at John’s expense at Digital Life today. Last night there was a press event called ShowStoppers, totally unrelated to Digital Life. Similar stuff, sure, but completely differe