Digital Life Cruceified: Lord of the Rings Online

As Cruce Wayne and I went around the showroom, I asked what kind of tech he was into. Video games seemed to be Cruce’s forte, so we made our way over to Lord of the Rings Online and got a little demo going. The game is the only MMORPG for the LotR trilogy and works closely with the Tolkien estate to ensure the content in the game is of excellent quality.

Simply put, if you enjoy World of Warcraft or Everquest 2, you will love this game. The interface is nearly identical to the one in WoW and so is the gameplay. Basically, you run around doing quests, world PvP and killing creatures. You can play as different monsters or a human and choose a faction to become allies with. With killer graphics and progressive gameplay, this title will surely be a hit in the PC RPG world. If you live in NYC, swing by Digital Life and you can score a free copy of Lord of the Rings Online with a 7-day free trial included.

Cruce was impressed and was hooked up with a VIP account so he can play to his heart’s content. I really hope he doesn’t get hooked and flunks out of school or my name is mud.