• CrowdStar Nabs Seasoned Mobile Exec Alex Galvagni As New Studio Head

    Social gaming company CrowdStar has hired former Glu and Transpera executive, Alex Galvagni, as the Head of Studios. In his role, Galvagni will be taking on a COO-like position, heading up scaling the company in operations, games, and hiring. Prior to working at CrowdStar, Galvagni was the President and COO of mobile video advertising company Transpera, which was acquired by Tremor Media… Read More

  • Peter Relan On How CrowdStar Plans To Take On Zynga, EA And Playdom In 2011

    With 45 million monthly active users on Facebook, CrowdStar is now the second largest social gaming network behind Zynga (which has 275 million monthly active users). Second in line in the social gaming race isn’t bad for a startup that has received only $100,000 in funding and is one-tenth the size of Zynga in terms of employees. And with a new CEO at the helm and a fast growing set… Read More

  • Not So Casual: Microsoft To Revitalize MSN Games, Live Messenger And Bing Games

    Microsoft this morning announced several new efforts to gain some ground in the booming social/casual gaming market. The company will be debuting an all-new version of MSN Games (see preview here), bring new social games to instant messaging client Windows Live Messenger and expand Bing Games internationally. Last but not least, Microsoft has struck a partnership with social games… Read More

  • Social Gaming: Where We’ve Been, and Where We’re Headed

    Social Gaming: Where We’ve Been, and Where We’re Headed

    So there was this guy named Ken who was working a 9-to-5 at some giant software company writing tons of code for something whose importance and value was exceeded only by its monotony. Ken’s wife, Roberta, had been playing some newfangled PC game and thought to herself, “Man, this game sucks! Ken and I should totally make a better one!” The husband-and-wife team then… Read More

  • Bon Jovi Uses CrowdStar's Facebook Games To Sell Digital Music

    Bon Jovi is getting into social gaming today by distributing the band’s digital music through games on Facebook. The band is partnering with CrowdStar to bundle its digital album, virtual goods and virtual currency together on the gaming platform’s social games—Happy Aquarium, Happy Island and It Girl. So as users play the games, players will be given the opportunity to… Read More

  • Social Gaming Execs Discuss Growth, Monetization, And The Future Of Facebook Games

    Today at the Inside Social Apps conference in San Francisco, a panel of top social gaming executives met to discuss the future of gaming on Facebook. The conversation touched on quite a few issues, including the evolution of social gaming mechanics, monetization, and whether or not the industry would be able to continue its incredible growth over the next few years. One bold prediction… Read More