CrowdStar Launches First Hardcore, Strategy-Focused Social Game Wasteland Empires

After releasing a strategy for mobile, social and global expansion, CrowdStar announcing the beta launch of its first hardcore social game on Facebook, Wasteland Empires. Wasteland Empires targets hardcore and strategy social gamers on the social network.

Wasteland Empire takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, lets the player control bands of nomads. The gamer will direct these nomads as they fight for survival by building up villages and battling opponents. CrowdStar says that its graphics and rendering are high-quality, and character interactions are more in-depth. Wasteland Empires also uses realtime animation to give players a more dynamic gameplay experience.

CrowdStar, which targeted female gamers with the launches of its previous titles It Girl and Top Girl, is clearly trying to appeal to a broader audience. The company also plans to expand the Wasteland franchise to other platforms beside Facebook.

It’s not surprising that CrowdStar is looking to appeal to a broader audience with its games. Zynga also made a move towards hardcore, combat games on Facebook with Empires and Allies earlier this year.