The Ultimate Kinect Hack: Shadow Puppets

Interactive Puppet Prototype with Xbox Kinect from Theo Watson on Vimeo. As you’ll soon see, the Kinect itself isn’t that exciting but the hacks that are coming out definitely are. This ha

Video: Man inline skates down roller coaster

Ask German Dirk Auer about his hobbies and he’d probably mention something about inline skating on roller coaster tracks and behind bobsleds and race cars. Also, maybe he likes scrapbooking! Bef

Mattel Mindflex game available for pre-order

<img src=""><a HREF="">Hey, Mike</a>. John here. Remember <a HREF="

GizMine: All the crazy Japanese crap you could want in one sexy website

Helllloooooo Nurse! Looking for the poking box? A bathroom speaker shaped like a bloody tear? A Mir:ror? You are totes in luck because the boys who brought you Dynamism, the number-one source for cool

A Swiss man just flew over the English Channel with a jet pack

  Seriously. His name is Yves Rossy and he’s a Swiss airline pilot by day and adventurer by night. The 22-mile flight took him only 10 minutes and he had hoped to reach 125 MPH. He started by

World War: Crazy transformer-like robot video

Gary Krakow is off his f'ing rocker, tells Jobs what to do to make the iPhone better Krakow thinks Apple needs to “bite the bullet” and hook up with Windows Mobile or RIM for corporate e-mail support. T

Video: The Big Fancy plays GTA IV for 24 hours straight, documents it for your viewing pleasure Admit it, some of you did this, too. You just didn’t have the guts to make a video. Some language NSFW, so find you

Hey, misophobes! You need the Handler

Are you insane? Don’t like to touch things? Feel like the president’s helicopter is landing in your back yard and there’s nothing you can do about it? Pick up the Handler. This littl

Apple's "Here's to the Crazy Ones" commercial

Think Different, provided you don’t need to think differently by recreating an SDK from fumes and hearsay, install third-party apps, and try to maximize the potential of a device you paid up to

America Rules: 535-foot Slip n Slide Built

So here’s the story: Guy and his father get drunk Guy and his father decide to build Slip n Slide for party Guy and his father use bulldozer to clear 535-foot pack Slide goes through woods and e

Trap Gary Busey In Your TomTom

I change the main ringtone on my phone about once a week, so I can completely understand why someone would want to change out the voice that daily tells them to “turn left” on their GPS de


So we started out thinking that this was the fakest ad in the world but now some research firm has confirmed — by sending me a bloody email — that in fact they’ve been passing these

Hell Freezes Over: The Fast and the Furious Wins Something

game has been awarded the title of best made mobile game at 3GSM. Now, not to knock the game or anything, to it’s credit it might be great, but isn’t there something horribly wrong here? I

Killer Flashlight Will Burn Your House Down

OK, so this thing is pretty ridiculous. One industrious geek used Maglite parts with an Osram Sylvania bulb at 80 times its regular luminosity powered by twelve 1200mV NiMH batteries to achieve total