GizMine: All the crazy Japanese crap you could want in one sexy website

Helllloooooo Nurse!

Looking for the poking box? A bathroom speaker shaped like a bloody tear? A Mir:ror? You are totes in luck because the boys who brought you Dynamism, the number-one source for cool little Japanese laptops, are pleased to offer Gizmine, the number-one source for crazy Japanese design. I’m in love, for example, with this Issey Miyake chronograph that I’d totally buy except that it’s quartz.

Dynamism made its name by bringing all the cool nettops, netlets, and netbooks to the US at prices that ended up being much lower than actually flying to Tokyo yourself. This new site ensures us that we’ll never have to gaze longingly at any of Serkan’s posts and wonder “Why can’t I get that here?”