crap gadget

  • Thanko's USB powered, Dinosaur foot-shaped slipper keeps your feet warm

    OK, now the USB gadget craze gets really silly. Tokyo-based crap USB accessory maker Thanko has been selling USB-powered slippers and gloves that are supposed to keep you warm in the past, but the new model, Dinosaur foot-shaped slipper(s) [JP] (of all things), is probably the silliest. Read More

  • More USB stuff from Thanko: Liquid Mouse and Silent Mouse

    Tokyo-based USB gadget specialist Thanko has been quite active in the last few days, having launched two PC mice in a row. One of these devices is silly, the other isn’t: You can now get a mouse with a built-in mini fish tank [JP] of sorts (Liquid Mouse) and one which hardly makes any noise [JP] (Silent Mouse EX). Read More

  • Thanko rolls out USB boob warmer

    If you needed just one more piece of evidence that makes you convinced that Thanko is one of the most fantastic gadget makers around, here it is. The Tokyo-based company today announced a USB boob warmer [JP], believe it or not. Read More

  • Hot lunch bag: Thanko now sells USB lunch box warmers

    More USB silliness from Japan-based gadget company Thanko. This time the company, which brought us things like heated USB keyboards and slippers, offers the so-called hot lunch bag [JP], a USB-powered device that’s designed like a bag and supposed to keep your food warm. It measures 140x200x90mm and will keep at 60 degrees Celsius all day. Hopefully Thanko will list this fantastic piece… Read More

  • Thanko's USB triple strike: Get ready for a heated USB wristband, a heated mousepad and a heated mouse

    Our favorite Japanese gadget maker Thanko is back with three gadgets to prepare you for the coming winter. Their English online shop should list these clever devices soon. And Thanko’s promo pictures now feature a new model. First, you can get a heated USB wristband [JP], the so-called Attaka Risutobando. Thanko claims the wristband can reach a maximum temperature of 43.6°C. The USB… Read More