More USB stuff from Thanko: Liquid Mouse and Silent Mouse


Tokyo-based USB gadget specialist Thanko has been quite active in the last few days, having launched two PC mice in a row. One of these devices is silly, the other isn’t: You can now get a mouse with a built-in mini fish tank [JP] of sorts (Liquid Mouse) and one which hardly makes any noise [JP] (Silent Mouse EX).

What these two mice have in common is that nobody really needs them, but hey, this is Thanko stuff we are talking about here.

The 800dpi liquid mouse, pictured above, is available in three versions (clownfish, baby duck and earless seal). It costs $17 each in Japan and should be listed in Thanko’s English store soon.


The silent mouse you see above solves the big problem of noise when using a computer mouse by reducing the noise level of a conventional mouse (58.0db) to 35.5db. Using silicon did the trick for the Thanko engineers. The so-called Silent Mouse EX costs $33.07+shipping over at Geek Stuff 4 U.