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A look at the top trends exciting NYC’s consumer VCs

To learn more about the next wave of consumer startup investment outside Silicon Valley, I’m speaking to leading B2C-focused investors in various hubs about the trends they’re excited about ri

Sesame Street’s VC fund makes its first investment in tutoring app Yup

A venture fund formed by Sesame Workshop and New York-based Collaborative Fund early this year has made its first investment in a tutoring platform called Yup. Specifically, Yup (formerly known as M

Collaborative Fund sets its eyes on consumer goods

Collaborative Fund is launching a new fund today. Called the Collab+Consumer fund, it’s part of Collaborative Fund’s third $70 million fund that’s geared toward finding companies

Gifts From VIPs: Quarterly Grabs $1.25M From Collaborative Fund And True Ventures

Simply put, we all love receiving cool packages in the mail, especially when they're sent by people we care about, or are inspired by. This, among many others, was the inspiration behind <a href="http

Collaborative Fund Aims To Seed Startups That Compete On Values And Crowdsourcing

<img src=""> Angel investor and entrepreneur <a href="">Craig Shapiro</a> is starti