Corel Launches AfterShot Pro, A $99 Aperture Competitor

Corel's new AfterShot Pro software runs on Windows, Mac, Linux(!) and offers a $99 package for managing photos including RAW handling, image editing, and quick library management. AfterShot is a d

Corel Buys Out Corel

<img src="" width="215" height="47" />Apologies for the confusing headline, but I couldn't resist. This morning, long-time software mak

ConceptShare Melds With Corel Draw

We earlier reported that the design collaboration service ConceptShare had landed a distribution deal with another Canadian company, Corel. It turns out the two companies’ integration is a bit t

Marriage Made In Canada: ConceptShare And CorelDraw

ConceptShare has released an upgraded version of their design collaboration service and minted a five year partnership with Corel. The two Canadian companies are teaming up for CorelDrawConceptShare.c

Anti-Piracy WinDVD Patch Looms

Pssst, hey, video pirate, come here. I got a tip for ya. See, it seems that Corel, maker of the InterVideo’s WinDVD software, is pushing a mandatory update for the program. They don’t like