• Corel Launches AfterShot Pro, A $99 Aperture Competitor

    Corel Launches AfterShot Pro, A $99 Aperture Competitor

    Corel’s new AfterShot Pro software runs on Windows, Mac, Linux(!) and offers a $99 package for managing photos including RAW handling, image editing, and quick library management. AfterShot is a digital photography workflow app like Aperture and Lightroom. It’s chock full of goodies like a complete RAW workflow, flexible management, advanced non-destructive editing, robust… Read More

  • Corel Buys Out Corel

    Apologies for the confusing headline, but I couldn’t resist. This morning, long-time software maker Corel Corporation turned over full ownership to Corel Holdings, a limited partnership controlled by an affiliate of Vector Capital, majority investor of the company behind many familiar software programs like WordPerfect, CorelDRAW, WinZip, Paint Shop Pro and WinDVD (most of them… Read More

  • ConceptShare Melds With Corel Draw

    We earlier reported that the design collaboration service ConceptShare had landed a distribution deal with another Canadian company, Corel. It turns out the two companies’ integration is a bit tighter than earlier reported. ConceptShare will not only be available through a separate website, but directly from within Corel Draw X4. This is one of the first deals of seen with such close… Read More

  • Marriage Made In Canada: ConceptShare And CorelDraw

    ConceptShare has released an upgraded version of their design collaboration service and minted a five year partnership with Corel. The two Canadian companies are teaming up for, a new version of ConceptShare that will let designers publish their drawings to the web using CorelDraw, and critique them with coworkers using ConceptShare. ConceptShare is kind of like… Read More

  • Anti-Piracy WinDVD Patch Looms

    Pssst, hey, video pirate, come here. I got a tip for ya. See, it seems that Corel, maker of the InterVideo’s WinDVD software, is pushing a mandatory update for the program. They don’t like the fact that you’ve been using it to rip Blu-Ray and HD-DVD discs and bypassing the AACS protection. They’re here to put an end to your game, see, and your vid-ripping ways. And… Read More