• Power Shelf de-tanglifies your chargers

    Through some bizarre law of the universe if you put two cables on opposite ends of an empty room and return an hour later, both cables will be tangled together in a knot. You can help to stem that tide somewhat by forcing yourself to adopt simple cable management techniques. There’s nothing fun or sexy about cable management but it can be simplified by using things like these Power Shelves. Read More

  • Karl Zahn's Smart Kleat

    File this one away in the “only if I thought of this, I could pay my baby momma.” The Smart Kleat. Kind of self explanatory but still innovative. It will be available from Charles & Marie eventually for a yet to be announced price.  via Apartment Therapy Read More

  • SpaceStation: It's pretty much an $80 USB hub

    Here’s an experiment. Put two cables in the opposite corners of an empty room before you leave for work. When you return home, you should find that both cables have entangled themselves together. It works every time. If such activity is taking place atop your desk, a myriad of cable management solutions are readily available, the newest of which is the Bluelounge SpaceStation. Read More