• Battle Of The Gmail Extensions: Baydin Goes After Grexit For Plagiarizing Its Code

    Battle Of The Gmail Extensions: Baydin Goes After Grexit For Plagiarizing Its Code

    Ruh-roh. While we were happy to discover a simple Gmail add-on from Grexit called InboxWhiz that keeps us from our email obsession, competitor Baydin was not so happy, as it turns out. Not happy at all. In fact, Baydin is accusing Grexit of copying its code, and Baydin CEO Alex Moore says the company is submitting a DMCA takedown notice to get Grexit’s extension removed. Read More

  • RealDVD now available for download: Dead simple DVD copying, but with odd DRM

    Those of you in the market to buy bridges for a $1, you should probably know that Real’s RealDVD is now available for download. A quick primer on what RealDVD actually does: the $30 Windows-only program essentially makes a 1:1 copy of a DVD, with the resultant file playable only within RealDVD. (You can’t play the file in VLC, nor can you burn the file and have it play on a… Read More

  • RealDVD: Real Networks gets into the DVD copying games

    Hold onto your hats, folks, as we’re about to be inundated with more and more chatter about fair use, your rights, and whether or not Real Networks just committed the worst crime in history. It should be a real hoot. Real will release today Real DVD, a $30 Windows application that copies commercial DVDs to your hard drive. It doesn’t merely copy the video track from the DVD, though… Read More

  • New study shows that many pirates would buy movies if they couldn't pirate

    An interesting study (PDF) carried out by an organization called Futuresource Consulting (and sponsored by Macrovision, for you tin foil hat types) just showed up in our inbox claiming that consumers love to pirate stuff, sorta. The study looked at folks in the United States and United Kingdom, and found that one-third of respondents admitted to the horrible crime of copying a DVD in the last… Read More