• Cool Cousin’s social app for travellers raises $2M round, led by Elevator Fund

    Cool Cousin’s social app for travellers raises $2M round, led by Elevator Fund

    Imagine if you could go to the profile of a friend of Foursquare and instead of scrolling through the long list of coffee shops they’d checked into in Berlin, you could simply click a button and add all their recommendations to your personal map in one go. That’s essentially the offering of Cool Cousin, an app and web site which is mining one of the last bastions of social media… Read More

  • ViaHero lets locals plan your trips abroad

    ViaHero lets locals plan your trips abroad

    Perhaps you’d like to visit an out of the way restaurant or smoke a unique cigar. Perhaps you’d like to take part in native dances or infiltrate a foreign government at a classy cocktail party. ViaHero, a new app that lets locals help plan your trips abroad, can help. The founders, Greg Buzulencia and Ben Preston, have raised $210,000 from investors and Pittsburgh’s… Read More

  • My 2016 Tech Predictions

    I’ve been thinking about some of the cool things happening in the world and I wanted to note a few important trends I’m seeing. From Money to Hoverboards, things are changing quickly. Read More

  • Evapolar Is A Mini Climate Control System For Your Desk

    Evapolar Is A Mini Climate Control System For Your Desk

    Office workers enjoy many amenities. They have clean bathrooms, water, and access to a microwave. But what they don’t have control over is their climate. In offices it is either blindingly cold or absolutely sweltering, with no middle ground. Therefore, office workers may enjoy the Evapolar to help even things out. The Evapolar is basically a little fan that runs air over a… Read More

  • Control your Canon DSLR with a Nintendo DS

    After trying to find a way to remotely control their DSLRs, the clever hackers at HDRLabs couldn’t really find anything that would do what they wanted. So what did they do? Built a control of their own, using a Nintendo DS. HDRLabs went on to make the device available, for free. All you have to do is build one yourself. Read More

  • CrunchCool: Russian Typhoon class submarine

    Here’s something old, but definitely cool and worth showing you. Livejournal user Igor113 posted some pictures from his trip to… somewhere in Russia. He loves to travel and take pictures, and these are some extremely cool photographs of some rusted and cool equipment. Igor did apologize for the quality of his camera though, and requests that you don’t kick his legs. Read More

  • A look at Nepal's equivalent of CES

    BB has some great images from Nepal’s CAN InfoTech, a 17-year-old tech trade show. It had 238 stalls where folks were flogging amazing 8TB hard drives and the three year old Nokia N81. Read More

  • Cyclops watch hard to read, looks cool

    Mr. Jones watches are unique in many ways; they are produced by a small design studio, there are generally limited quantities available, but they are pretty much inevitably cool. Normally, they are also easy to read, but that doesn’t seem to be the case with the Cyclops Special Edition. Read More

  • Electron microscopes get their record groove on

    Electron microscope photography is cool, and it’s been around for a while, but that doesn’t mean that that they can’t still find cool things to take pictures of. Take a record for example. It’s amazing to look a those little tiny grooves and see how raw and uneven they are, but still able to produce beautiful music. It’s even more amazing when you compare the… Read More

  • Video: Eight musicians from around the world get together for Jam Session 2.0

    Whoa, whoa, whoa, look what you can do with the internet! According to the video’s description: “Brian at CAIN MOSNI thought of a cool concept and coordinated a virtual “jam session” with musicians from all over the world!” Very, very cool. [YouTube via Gizmodo] Read More

  • National Geographic reprints every issue to an external drive

    Over the past 120 years, National Geographic Magazine has been one of the most important publications ever printed. From the insightful articles to the brilliant photography, NatGeo has been the benchmark that other magazines compare themselves to. Now, you can own a copy of every single issue without having to build a new addition to your house to store it. Read More

  • Add two USB ports to a standard outlet

    Hot off yesterday’s news of the DIY USB wall outlet (replace your standard outlet plugs with two USB plugs) comes a product that addresses the shortcomings inherent with getting rid of the standard plugs altogether: a wall plate with both standard and USB plugs. Problem solved – and it only costs $10. Read More

  • Video: Arduino-powered life size electronic snowball fight game (I can’t explain it)

    Okay, just humor me and watch the video, please. It’s not like I get paid to describe things with… those… um, you know, the things that make stuff readable. With individual letters, etc. And periods, commas — the things in between those. Read More

  • Cibeko: Features and functions of Air Keyboard

    Cideko is a wireless video sharing system. You connect one box to your computer and another to your TV and you can control the computer from a mini-keyboard. Considering that the potential for this device – and ease of set-up – I’m surprisingly impressed. Read More

  • Watchclocks: Studies in behavioral control

    If you’ve ever wandered around an older building you’ll notice something that looks like an ashtray bolted to the wall. These ashtrays, which usually say something like “Watch Station,” once held keys to wind up a watchclock, a mechanical wonder that forced the night watchman to make his rounds through the building under mechanical supervision. As you moved through… Read More

  • When life gives you lemons, make a USB finger

    Wow. Jerry Jalava lost the tip of his left ring finger in a motorcycle accident and made his own prosthetic fingertip which doubles as a USB memory stick. Read More

  • Guy builds life-size digital pinball machine

    Wow. While building a digital pinball machine out of a giant LCD and a second, slightly less-giant LCD might cost more than buying an actual machine, the ability to play multiple machines using the Future Pinball simulator effectively turns it into an almost endless supply of fun for any serious pinball fanatic. Read More

  • Man's trebuchet launches 16-pound fireballs through the air with the greatest of ease

    I don’t have the time, patience, carpentry skills, open space, or wherewithal to build my own trebuchet but after seeing Mark Winkler’s “Mongo the Trebuchet” launch a flaming ball of fire across an open field under the cover of darkness, I suddenly have the urge to go to Home Depot with a quick stop at the local Fireball Emporium (or wherever they sell fireballs). Read More

  • A mesmerizing look at the Hatfield Hotdog Launcher

    Wow. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the Hatfield Hotdog Launcher that’s brought out in between innings at the Phillies’ games. A lot of work went into getting all the science-y stuff right and even then, sometimes the hot dogs fly out of their wrappers mid-flight (watch at about the five-minute mark). Very cool. Read More

  • Public Art: Finally, a solution to unsightly utility boxes

    Hats off to Joshua Callaghan of Los Angeles for coming up with a way to not only hide those utility boxes you see all over your neighborhood, but to also turn each one into something of a conversation piece. Callaghan calls it “public art” after answering a call from the city of Los Angeles to somehow disguise the boxes. More photos after the jump… Read More

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