Handheld barcode scanner/printer combo from HP

I’m not one to get overly excited about the technology behind transportation logistics (or am I?) but this thing from HP looks pretty cool. It’s basically a handheld wireless-enabled barcode scann

Storm Chasing: A look inside the TIV-2

Jalopnik has a pretty extensive photo gallery of the second-generation Tornado Intercept Vehicle (TIV) from Discovery’s Storm Chasers series. For the uninitiated, the tank-like TIV is able to drive

Speakers made from spent fire extinguishers

It’s entirely possible that most ordinary people won’t ever have the problem of trying to figure out what to do with two empty fire extinguishers (that’s a lot of fires) but just keep this idea

Fender Bender: It's not a guitar anymore

This old girl has been stripped of all over component parts, hollowed out and filled with a CPU and lots of cool audio circuitry. The result? The Fender Bender, more machine than guitar, more monster

Steampunk phone does nothing useful, is very cool

Here’s a Steampunk phone prototype by designer Arthur Schmitt. You make calls using binary punchcards. Punchcards! There are also some dials and a metal grill-type earpiece. The backside of the devi

Draganflyer: your personal six-rotor UAV

While I personally am a fan of micro-dirigibles as opposed to the (IMHO) wasteful helicopter-type UAVs, this is certainly an awesome version of the latter. Its multi-rotor setup enables some serious a

Awesome charts of Intel's chip schedule

Yeah, I know, it sounds a bit dry; how could a chart of microprocessor stats be awesome? Well, just look at it! It’s glorious! And huge! It’s so very complete and monolithic that I just ha

DIY lightbulb hooks

This might be a little to ambitious for most of us desk jockeys, but Instructables has instructions for creating your own cement-filled lightbulb wall hook that you can create for fun and profit. Note

Wi-Fi "heat map" of office generated by signal strength

This is really cool. This guy wrote an app that essentially saves the signal strength at a given location and then collates the data points into a little map, giving an approximate location of the acc

Really damn cool: Photosynth team demos new version of compositing app

Wow, this is really, really goddamn cool. I love how the “skeleton” created by all the photographs is visible, a ghostly meta-world based entirely on aggregate data and an insane amount of

Apprise: An Air RSS reader with AIM/Twitter integration

Christian Cantrell, an Adobe employee and editor of WatchReport just sent me a link to his latest project. It’s called Apprise Reader and it’s basically a feed reader with two very compell

DeepNote: Sucking all the fun out of Guitar Hero, one perfect note after another

Oh, look at me! I’m DeepNote! I’m the best Guitar Hero player in the world! Jealous? I score perfectly in every game. Watch me beat Cult of Personality on expert mode! I kid, I kid. DeepNote is co

Put your hand on the hard drive grinding wheel and hold on

Blood! Hardware! Heavy metal! Add some sand paper to your old dead hard drive and turn it on to make an excellent grinder/sander for your next hard-core steampunk project. via Make

Robotic arm hustles air hockey players everywhere

If you walk into a bar and see this robotic arm situated at one end of an air hockey table drinking a Miller High Life with a cigarette hanging from its lip yelling “Who’s got next?!", don&#8

Video: The Star Wars floppy disk

What do you do with an old floppy drive and a disk? Why you make it into a musical instrument, forcing the motor or the drive to play the Imperial March from Star Wars. I’m not sure how this was

For digital TV switch, man upgrades half-century-year-old TV

If you’re one of the dozens of Americans thinking about finally upgrading to a digital TV when the Big Switch comes in February of next year, you might want to consider a conversion kit. They&#8

Super Mario Kart, Javascript style

Jacob Seidelin is fast becoming the Ben Heckendorn of Javascript games. You may remember that in early April, Seidelin programmed all of Super Mario Bros. into 14 Kb of Javascript code. This month, he

Munny Figures: Because speakers are people, too

I prefer to work in complete silence. “How can you work in complete silence all day?” my friends and family ask. “Be quiet and stop bothering me,” I tell them. That being said,

Arduino Nano released

Arduino boards are very cool little system boards that let you do all sorts of cool electronics tricks by adding a few sensors and writing some code on your PC or Mac. Now theere is the Adruino Nano,

Robot trained to pick up lamps, eggs

Delicate movements by robots are fairly difficult. After all, most robots are made of milled metals and death-dealing neutronium, so you can’t really pick up “egg or an electric lamp.&#822
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