Viewfinder App For Contour Lets iPhone View Video Live

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ContourHD Announces New Camera With Built In GPS

<img src="" />The makers of the ContourHD camera just announced an update to their hands-free product, the ContourGPS. The CoutourGPS uses

ContourHD giveaway has a winner! – or does it? (yes, it does)

Hey, all! Thanks for entering the contest, but as they say: many will enter, few will win. In this case only one: James, who “Did my first backflip snowboarding off a 20 foot cliff, luckily it w

Giveaway: ContourHD 1080p wearable HD cam

Update: It’s overrr! Someone won, and he’s very excited. Thanks for playing, and keep an eye out for other giveaways. ‘Tis the season. Did you see my review of the ContourHD 1080p? W

Wearable ContourHD cam gets lens kit and waterproof housing accessories

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Review: ContourHD wearable 1080p camcorder

The Short Version: The ContourHD 1080p is a capable, semi-rugged, conveniently-shaped HD camcorder that’s great for all kinds of sporting and active events where a full-size camera isn’t p

VholdR ups its ContourHD action-cam up to 1080p

It was only a couple months ago that you all thrilled to the reasonably fast and extremely loud video adventures of Mister Ha. VholdR decided that 720p wasn’t good enough for rattly rolls throug

Feet-on with the VholdR ContourHD

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Quick Look: VholdR ContourHD

<img src="" alt="" />It’s not the POV action footage you’re meant to be shooting with the ContourHD, but I’m stuck in the offic

VholdR launches the first wearable HD camera, the ContourHD

Thanks to VholdR you can now record your daredevil shenanigans in HD (720p). Like the original VholdR, the ContourHD can be strapped to your helmet or goggles (weighs only 4 ounces) and the water resi