The Kaarta Contour handheld scanner uses LIDAR to map spaces in real time

The Contour looks a bit like an oversized portable gaming console. There’s a seven-inch touchscreen display in the center, with two large handles on either side. A circular LIDAR scanner juts out in

Contour And iON Cameras Merge To Help Take On GoPro

The action camera category has a clear leader in GoPro, but others like Contour aren’t taking GoPro’s dominance lying down; the Utah-based maker of POV camera has joined forces with iON Ca

Contour+2 Action Camera Packs HD Video, Live Streaming Into $400 Package

A year later and one hundred dollars cheaper than its predecessor, Seattle-based Contour announced its Contour+2 action camera this week and will be available later this month. The latest improves upo

Contour Launches Contour+ Sportcam With Wider Lens, More Ports

You might remember the ContourHD rugged wearable camera we reviewed a while back — they updated later with GPS functionality and now (as we heard earlier) have a new camera live on their site th

Viewfinder App For Contour Lets iPhone View Video Live

<img src="" />We tested the <a href="

SanDisk Contour: Form Meets Function?

Not quite. While the SanDisk Contour is without a doubt the sexiest looking flash drive that I’ve ever seen, the device is suffering from one major disparaging oversight.