Apple Delivers Location-Based App Suggestions On Your Lock Screen In iOS 8

Apple has a new feature in iOS 8 that will surface app suggestions on the bottom left screen of your locked iPhone depending on your location, according to developers posting to the MacRumors forums.

Meet Context, The New Photo Texting App All The Cool Kids Are Using

There are a number of apps out there seeking to displace SMS as the primary mode of communications between mobile users -- there's MessageMe, Line, WeChat, WhatsApp and others. And, of course, there's

T3 Reveals Scout, A Mobile “Context Engine” That Knows Where You Are & What You’re Doing, To Personalize Apps & Sites

Digital marketing and advertising firm <a target="_blank" href="">T3</a> (The Think Tank) is today launching a new platform for mobile application and website developers called <a t

You Asked It! Turns Twitter Into Chatroulette, But Without The Nudity

I use Twitter a lot, as I've been reminded in the past by folks like my boss at TechCrunch. It's cool though, it's kind of my job to keep up with the latest trends and what-have-you. <a href="https://