• Consumating To Join The Deadpool

    Tag based dating site for geeks Consumating is to shut March 15, according to a notice posted to the Consumating forums. Consumating was acquired by CNet in December 2005 and was later relaunched in June 2006. The sites traffic remained strong in 2006 then fell away in 2007 according to Alexa (the site was too small to register on comScore). The site currently ranks at 149,238. The code… Read More

  • Consumating Goes Open Source

    I’m at SXSW and Ben Brown, co-founder of CNET-owned Consumating, just announced that they will be releasing “every single line of code” for Consumating within the next month. Consumating is a dating and social networking website for “geeks” that CNET acquired back in December 2005. Ben said that the community is the true value of Consumating and that the community… Read More

  • CNET's Getting Its Groove

    CNET sure has been busy fixing up its community sites lately. In addition to recent updates to Consumating, Webshots, and Chow, the launch of AllYouCanUpload and the acquisition of UrbanBaby, CNET relaunched popular Tech news and community site TechRepublic today. A key addition to TechRepublic is the use of tags to categorize all content on the site, including user generated content found in… Read More

  • Online Dating 2.0: Thirteen Sites To Find Love

    Online dating is big business, drawing about 4 million U.S. Internet users daily in June 2006 (and 25 million monthly), and they spend a daily average of nearly 17 minutes each on these sites. That adds up to a lot of page views – almost 4.5 billion per month (source: Comscore). And that doesn’t take into account the billion-a-day Myspace page views, which many people argue is… Read More

  • CNET Relaunches Consumating

    Consumating is a tag-based dating site that launched in 2005 and was acquired by CNET in December 2005. The site relaunched today with a few notable changes. Much of the new stuff is cosmetic, although they’ve also created discussion boards around any topic users choose to create. With these changes, Consumating is looking less like a dating site and more like a pure social network… Read More

  • CNET Acquires Consumating

    Consumating, a dating site with tagging that I profiled in August, has been acquired by CNet. Congratulations to both founders. I didn’t know that Adaptive Path had helped design Consumating until reading about it on Alexander Muse’s blog today. I am increasingly impressed by the value that AP adds to companies that work with them. Read More

  • Profile – Consumating

    Company: Consumating
    Launched: 2005
    Location: Austin, TX Overview:
    Consumating is dating 2.0. Yes, it’s dating with tags. They also use a bit of Ajax in their interface. After registering (it’s free), you create an online profile. The key difference between this and other dating sites is that you write tags for what you are looking for, and how you describe yourself. I… Read More