NASA's Constellation chronicled in pictures

Flight of the Navigator 2? Nope. 

Fools, money should look into the new Vertu Constellation: Now with diamonds

In this economy, nothing says “I got bailed out” like a Vertu Constellation covered with diamonds. This beautiful cellphone is perfect for calling up old Lehman CEOs to plan a quick golf g

Vertu Constellation Released In Rose Gold

Hey! Need a new phone? Don’t want the iPhone but still wanna flaunt your money? Check out the Vertu Constellation, now in a beautiful rose gold color. It’s available in black leather only,

Vertu Constellation Reviewed

The fellows with the fancy-pants over at Sybarites got their hands on a Vertu Constellation for review. If you’re just joining us, the Vertu is a luxury line of phones made by the same people wh