Vertu Constellation Reviewed

The fellows with the fancy-pants over at Sybarites got their hands on a Vertu Constellation for review. If you’re just joining us, the Vertu is a luxury line of phones made by the same people who make you Nokia’s phones…Nokia. So how does this phone stack up?

Well, the Nokia S40 UI is similar to other Nokia Symbian OS phones, but is “far superior graphics wise”. The phone has a concierge button that calls Vertu’s Concierge service, kinda like OnStar for your phone. It’s also got Bluetooth, GPRS and EDGE, which makes it fairly recent in terms of features, instead of just an old phone packaged in a pretty shell.

As a bonus, it also has WorldMate software to “keep track of flights, different time-zones and currency rates”, useful for any jet-setter that can afford a Vertu.

Vertu Constellation Exclusive Review [Sybarites]