Spotify becomes the latest tech platform to reject Alex Jones

Yesterday, Spotify became the third tech platform in just over a week to take a stance on Alex Jones’s controversial far-right and conspiracy theorist content. The streaming service removed seve

Cameras and mics inside DTV converters? Sorry, no

<img src="" />There's a bit of a flurry going on about a DTV converter box that supposedly has a <a href="

Apple’s Washington D.C. store facing opposition or part of a mass conspiracy?

<img title="dcapple" style="display:inline;" height="514" alt="dcapple" src="" width="630" />So Apple is facing opposition to putting up

Lessig: prepare for "i-9/11" and "i-Patriot Act"

Lawrence Lessig, a noted legal activist and futurist if you’re not familiar with him, theorizes an “i-9/11” (inside job or otherwise) after which the Government would expand its cont