• Cameras and mics inside DTV converters? Sorry, no

    There’s a bit of a flurry going on about a DTV converter box that supposedly has a camera and microphone hidden inside it. The usual conspiracy theories have come up, which probably should come up if a camera is found in something like this — but a hot truth injection should quiet things down. Like if, for instance, the camera isn’t a camera and the mic isn’t a mic. As… Read More

  • Apple’s Washington D.C. store facing opposition or part of a mass conspiracy?

    So Apple is facing opposition to putting up one of its gigantic glass-everywhere stores in one of Washington D.C.’s historic neighborhoods, the complaint being that it’d be too big and too modern to fit in with all the other quaint, cute buildings in the area (see our artist’s rendition above). I propose, however, that the complaint is a cover-up for a much more massive… Read More

  • Lessig: prepare for "i-9/11" and "i-Patriot Act"

    Lawrence Lessig, a noted legal activist and futurist if you’re not familiar with him, theorizes an “i-9/11” (inside job or otherwise) after which the Government would expand its control and supervision over the internet substantially. I think he’s hit the nail on the head and actually I’m surprised it didn’t happen years ago. It’s a bit conspiracy… Read More