Compute Engine

Google Cloud now lets you suspend and resume VMs

Google Cloud today launched its Suspend/Resume feature for virtual machines into general availability. Before it launched this feature as an alpha a couple of years ago, the only option developers had

Google Cloud gets capacity reservations, extends committed use discounts beyond CPUs

Google Cloud made two significant pricing announcements today. Those, you’ll surely be sad to hear, don’t involve the usual price drops for compute and storage. Instead, Google Cloud today

Google Brings Autoscaling To Compute Engine

Google continues to build out its cloud computing platform and today the company announced that its autoscaling service for Compute Engine, its infrastructure-as-a-service platform, is now available i

Mesosphere Comes To The Google Cloud Platform, Integrates Google’s Open Source Kubernetes Project

Google and <a target="_blank" href="">Mesosphere</a> today <a target="_blank" href="">announced</a> a partnership that brings support for

Google’s Dart Programming Language Is Coming To The Server

A few days ago at its I/O developer conference, Google quietly announced that it is working on bringing its Dart programming language to App Engine soon. This implementation will use the company's

Google Bets Big On Docker With App Engine Integration, Open Source Container Management Tool

Docker is sure making a splash in the developer community these days, and Google is taking note. After adding some basic Docker support to Compute Engine earlier this year, the company today announced

Google Cloud Platform Expands To Asia Pacific With 2 New Compute Engine Zones

The Asia-Pacific market is quickly becoming a battleground for cloud computing vendors. Amazon has always been very active in the region. Microsoft is investing heavily there and made Azure generally

Google Announces Massive Price Drops For Its Cloud Computing Services And Storage, Introduces Sustained-Use Discounts

At its Cloud Platform event today, Google announced a number of massive price drops for virtually all of its cloud-computing services. The company has also decided to reduce the complexity of its pric

Google’s Compute Engine Hits General Availability, Drops Instance Prices 10%, Adds 16-Core Instances & Docker Support

Google today announced the general availability of the Google Compute Engine, the cloud computing platform it launched in the summer of 2012. As part of the GA launch, Google also announced expanded s

Google App Engine Drops Some High Replication Datastore Prices By Up To 25%

At Google I/O last week, Google announced that its Google App Engine High Replication Datastore (HRD) - its schemaless object data storage service - currently processes over 4.5 trillion transactions

Google Opens Up Compute Engine To All Developers Who Buy Its $400/Month Gold Support Package, Drops Instance Prices By 4%

At last year’s Google I/O developer conference, Google launched Compute Engine, a cloud computing platform that allows developers to run their apps on Linux virtual machines hosted on Google&#82

Google’s Cloud Platform Gets 36 New Compute Engine Instance Types, Lower Storage Prices, Durable Reduced Availability Storage & More

Just one day before the start of Amazon's <a target="_blank" href="">AWS</a>-focused <a target="_blank" href="">re: Invent conference in Las Vegas<