Samsung’s Gear VR Commercial Is Surprisingly Good

With the Samsung Gear VR hitting shelves and faces all over the place last week, the company ran a new commercial to promote it this weekend. I saw it during the 49ers vs. Seahawks game. It’s. S

Twitter Hopes To Appeal To A Younger Crowd With This New Fast-Paced TV Commercial

During Twitter’s Q3 earnings call, CEO Jack Dorsey let us know that the company would be running a new TV commercial during the World Series. As The Verge points out, this commercial was done by

GoldieBlox’s Super Bowl Ad Is A Counterbalance To Rampant Sexism

[youtube=] On Sunday night, about 110 million people turned on their TVs to watch a series of lavish, expensively produced 30-second skits

Samsung Responds To iPhone 5 Frenzy With A Feisty Galaxy S III Commercial

Here we go again. Samsung (and its agency) has historically had <a href="">no problem</a> poking fun at

This Apple Commercial Was Too Self-Congratulatory To Run

It's not quite fair that this commercial featuring Apple greats Burrell Smith, Andy Hertzfeld, George Crow, Bill Atkinson, and Mike Murray never aired, but it's easy to see why. In it you meet some of

Video: Panasonic commercial shows new "Avatar" footage (kind of)

<img src="" /> The official trailer for <a href="">Avatar</a>, James Cameron's new (and suppose

Brad Pitt shoots pictures of naked girls in TV commercial

[youtube=] Brad Pitt is a huge star in Japan and has been getting millions and millions of dollars as a calling card for Softbank, one o

Mac goes green with new commercials

[youtube] Not content to pay lip-service to greenness from the sidelines, Apple has decided to sell its latest MacBook line as the &#822

White dogs and American models: This is how Apple sells the iPhone in Japan (TV commercial)

[youtube=] OK, the company behind the TV commercial shown above is not really Apple but SoftBank, one of Asia’s biggest telecommun

Verizon BlackBerry Storm commercial hits the airwaves

[youtube] Anybody who is considered the “geek” amongst their less tech-minded peers best look out. The BlackBerry Storm has

Two variants of the new Microsoft commercial

[youtube=] The latest Microsoft commercial, dubbed I’m a PC, is a tad long at 1:01 for everyday time slots so there are two¬†alter

New Family: Second Microsoft commercial with Bill and Jerry

Microsoft’s second commercial just aired during Big Brother and I’ve gotta say this one is pretty hilarious. Check it after the jump and let us know what you think.

Video: Dell takes on MacBook Air

[youtube] Please stop with the manila envelope comparisons!

Creepy Japanese fembot promotes suntan lotion on TV

[youtube=] This week, Osaka-based healthcare company Kincho released [JP] a new commercial for their “Preshower” sunscreen,

True North is an extraordinary what?

[youtube] This commercial aired last night in the middle of a “Holy crap, Karate Kid II is on AMC” gathering at my house. It

Creepy Japanese mobile phone commercial

[youtube=] This commercial for Sony Ericsson’s W63S is currently airing on Japanese TV stations. It’s kind of original but i

CrunchGear Exclusive: First Samsung Glyde commercial

Sony Alpha DSLR commercial

[youtube] Behold, the power of Sony’s DSLR line. A fairly uninformative commercial that’s pretty lean on details and specs. I could ha

Teutonic toilet seats can be a buzzkill If we learn anything from foreign — this one is German — commercials it’s that a) foreign girls are hot b) ad agencies overseas couldn’t give two poops

Sony finally gets it right with the latest PS3 commercial With a title like “Hand Drawn”, I immediately thought this to be another mind melting commercial from Sony for the PS3 console. I&#8
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