Comic Con

Disney+ delivers first looks of new Spider-Man, X-Men, Groot and Marvel Zombies animated series

Disney+ made its debut at San Diego Comic-Con 2022 (SDCC) and gave Marvel fans a whole bunch of shows to look forward to. This marked Marvel Studios’ first appearance at the event in three years, an

Tortoise is coming to Comic-Con, and it’s bringing burritos

Tortoise is partnering with hospitality giant Sodexo to bring a mobile smart store — which is basically a fancy vending machine with wheels — to Comic-Con this year. One of Tortoise’

Steve Wozniak discusses his inaugural Silicon Valley Comic Con

Last week I sat down with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak to hear about his newest creation, Silicon Valley Comic Con. The event, which will be held this weekend at the San Jose Convention Center, wi

Watch Adam Savage And Chris Hadfield Walk Comic-Con Floor In Some Amazing Space Suits

Adam Savage is one of our most beloved makers and real astronaut Chris Hadfield is a modern Earth hero. Together they make one of the funnest sets of fake astronauts in all of San Diego. Every year Sa

Curt Schilling At New York Comic-Con 2010: You Need To Be A Real Man To Play EVE Online

<img src="" />Comic-Con visited New York at the weekend, and I was there. I agree with what Fez Whatley said on Ron and Fez earlier t

Full Thor Trailer Leaks Online. And It's Awesome.

<img src="" /> We gave you a first picture <a href="

Has Comic-Con become too big (or too Hollywood) for its own good?

<img src="" />Earlier today on the Ron & Fez show on <a HREF="">Sirius XM</a>, the great Ro

Get thee to the Comic-Con for the Baroness

Oh, Baroness! So sassy with your trenchcoat and your dual pistols! If you’re headed to Comic-Con pop into the Hasbro booth and get some exclusive GI Joe dolls for the inner dork in you. The Baro

What ‘top tier franchise’ will Microsoft roll out at Comic Con?

LucasArts will show some Star Wars love at San Diego Comic Con

<img src="" />The San Diego Comic Con is next week, and there's bound to be more than a few video game announcements worth paying attention

Please do not carry this Star Trek Tricorder replica in public

<img src="">It's probably best to playact with this <a href="">Star Trek</a> Tricord

Video: We went to Comic Con 2009 in New York

<img src="" />Greetings! We (my brother <a HREF="">Gabriel</a> , who posed as an intern for a day, and

Video: Triumph the Insult Comic Dog makes fun of Comic-Con attendees Comic-Con 2008 came and went, and somehow this delightful Comic the Insult Comic Dog skit flew right under our nose

Time lapse Comic-con

The San Diego Comic-con in time-lapse. In which grown men can dream like little boys, purchase paper “comical books” from boxes, dress up like Batman, maybe meet a nice girl. Auto-playing

New footage of Watchmen previewed at Comic Con

Curses. Why am I not there?! Oh well. Maybe next year. io9 on the other hand is there and they’ve written up a nice little recap of what they’ve seen. I’ve chosen not to read the ent

Flash: Mortal Kombat 9 will be bloody, violent

The fine gents over at Kotaku spoke to Ed Boon, the Godfather of the Mortal Kombat series, who says that the next game in the series, Mortal Kombat 9, will be bloodier, more violent, and more Mortal K

Castlevania Figures From Comic Con

“But enough talk, have at you!” I don’t do comics that much anymore and I rarely have time for video games. But you show me a good Castlevania action-figure and I’ll show you a

Comic-Con Preview: Heroes Coming to Mobile

Save the handset, save the world. IGN is reporting that Heroes: The Mobile Game will make its debut at Comic-Com in San Diego this week. Based on the hit series from NBC, the mobile title will be publ

Halo 3 Clix

Someone is certainly making a small fortune in licensing fees from the Halo franchise. After yesterday’s announcement that McFarlane will be producing action figures, we’re hearing that WizKids pl